Philips Air Fryer Reviews

In-depth Philips Air Fryer Reviews in India: Specs, Features, Benefits, Ratings, Comparison & Price

Philips HD9220/20 vs. HD9220/53 vs. HD9238/21. Top three Philips air fryers compared head to head. Get all the details about how they work, what they offer, how much they cost, what you can cook, and where to buy them at a discount.

philips air fryer review india homePhilips launched its air fryers in India under what they call the Viva Collection.

Air fryers are a new cooking innovation that helps you cook healthy low-fat food in comparatively lesser time than traditional ways of deep frying in oil.

Instead of oil to fry to a crisp brown, the air fryer uses super-heated air. And hence the name.

Quite understandably consumers were skeptical about Philips’s claim, to begin with. Now they are more and more open to embracing this new cooking technology as they began to read, see & discover its benefits.

So, what exactly is Philips offering under its Viva Air Fryer Collection?

Essentially, there are 3 air fryer models in the collection. And in this review, we will be looking at and comparing these 3 models.

NOTE: Philips has recently launched another collection of air fryers in India called the Avance Collection. The product available from this new collection is the Avance HD9240/90 XL

First, why Philips Air Fryers?

With a history of more than 129 years of innovation in the healthcare, lighting and grooming industries, Philips has arguably been more than prolific in turning out world-class consumer products. It is a global brand and is trusted by millions of customers who have benefited from its technology over the decades.

Given their legacy & history, it is no surprise that Philips actually invented the air fryer – the product & the phrase.

As a result, Philips air fryers today are one of the bestselling air fryers (if not the bestselling) in not just India but across the world. Because of its unique Rapid Air Technology, it is seen as the leader in terms of air fryer technology as well as in design, sales & customer satisfaction. 

Top 3 Philips Air Fryers in India

Philips Viva HD9220 Air Fryer (Black) with Rapid Air Technology

Philips Viva HD9220 Air Fryer (Black) with Rapid Air Technology Read Full ReviewView Latest Price

Philips Viva HD9220/53 Air Fryer

Philips Viva HD9220/53 Air Fryer Read Full ReviewView Latest Price

Philips Viva HD9238/21 Digital Air Fryer

Philips Viva HD9238/21 Digital Air Fryer Read Full ReviewView Latest Price

What exactly is Rapid Air Technology? And why should I care?

Ever wondered if you could use less oil to cook your favorite deep-fried snacks… but unable to come up with an alternative. Well, enter Rapid Air Technology. It makes frying easy & healthy by eliminating oil and replacing it with superheated air (who would have thought but stranger things have happened).

It is a patented combination of high-speed superheated air circulation. Because of it, Philips air fryers generate and circulate hot air very rapidly up to 200 degree Celsius all around the ingredients cooking them faster & healthier.

Watch the short video to see how it exactly works.

Rapid Air Technology quickly heats up and fries the ingredients in the basket from all sides at once. The result – food that is deliciously crispy on the outside without being dry on the inside.

If you want to significantly reduce, if not completely eliminate, the need to use oil in order to fry (and in your diet), then it is certainly worth giving it a try.

It helps you “air fry”. And you can also quickly bake, roast & even grill. It is a versatile small kitchen appliance that enables you to cook any type of recipes you fancy.

Three main benefits of Rapid Air Technology

  • It’s a healthy way to cook

It is 100% healthy while at the same time not compromising on taste & texture. Not something you can say about frying with oil using conventional deep fryers or traditional frying pots & pans. The fries prepared with Philips air fryers contain up to 80% less fat compared to fries made using deep-fat fryers. In case you want to use oil, you can do so by using just a tablespoon or less.

It drastically reduces your fat intake. Using an air fryer is not just caring about your health alone, it is good for all – young and old – members of your family as well. Particularly, if you and your loved ones enjoy delicious crispy & crunchy brown fries (and who doesn’t).

  • Fast, fast, fast… cuts down cooking time in almost half  

Another big advantage of Philips Rapid Air Technology compared to conventional ways of deep frying is that you end up spending less time cooking in the kitchen. Any “healthy” technology that saves you preparation & cooking time is truly a blessing in my book.

Frying, roasting, baking & grilling takes time & effort. With Philips air fryers, it is now quick & easy. For instance, in less than 12 minutes you can make 300 grams of French fries! Another handy thing is the timer. Set the frying time and the temperature and let the air fryer automatically cook & then switch off. It even signals and alerts you when it is done which is perfect especially when you have guests to attend to!

  • It makes a perfect gift – for you and for those you care about

You live a busy life with so many things to balance. So do people you love and know. Gift yourself and them a new technology, healthy life and more leisure time to devote to moments that matter. 

Philips air fryers range from the budget to the high-end. Thereby making it a perfect gift for both corporate & personal occasions. Sleek in design, durable in build, and efficient in what it does. It makes a thoughtful gift for friends and family.

Secondly, is there a difference between Viva HD9220, Viva HD9220/53 & Viva HD9238/21?

You can easily mistake one for the other especially when you have to rely on images shown online to make a decision. You knew this question was coming. We have to admit Philips could have named these products a little more creatively. They look & sound similar.

On top of that, Viva HD9220 is also titled and marketed as Viva HD9220/20. It really confuses and pushes consumers to spend more time and effort by having to go through more details and making a tiring comparison between the models.

Hopefully, this in-depth review and the information given here will help you save some time, effort & energy. 

Here are the key differences

NOTE: If details in visual form appeal to you, I suggest you use the drag & drag comparison chart below to compare models side by side. In case, you like reading details I suggest you scroll further down.

  • Dimensions: HD9220 is taller and narrower than HD9220/53 while HD9220/53 & HD9238/21 are wider than HD9220.
  • Price: HD9220 is slightly cheaper than HD9220/53 and way more affordable than HD9238/21.
  • Customer Response: HD9220 is rated 4 out of 5 stars by 614 customers while HD9220/53 is rated 4.6 out of 5 stars by 185 customers on Amazon India alone.
  • Timer Duration: You can set the timer of HD9220 & HD9220/53 up to 30 minutes while HD9238/21’s timer can be set up to 60 minutes.
  • Cord Length: The cord that comes with HD9220 & HD9238/21 is 1 meter in length while HD9220/53 is 0.8 meter.
  • Choice of Colours: If you are finicky about colors, this will not make you happy. HD9220 and HD9238/21 are available only in black while HD9220/53 comes in a choice of white/cream and silver. No bright fiery red, pastel pink or any other fancy colors.
  • Digital Display: This is a somewhat big difference if you are into geeky digital displays. Among the three models, only HD9238/21 has a digital display. This is a premium feature and hence comes with a higher cost.
  • Pricing: As to be expected each of these different models has different price points. At the moment HD9238/21 is the top-end model in India.
  • Accessories: HD9238/21 comes with a Baking Tin while the other two have no accessories that come pre-packed in them.
  • Cool Wall Exterior: Only the high-end HD9238/21 has this feature while the others do not.
  • Power Requirement: Though not a deal-breaking difference but still worth noting. All three comply with the Global Domestic power requirement. However, only HD9220 complies with developing countries’ power requirements. That doesn’t mean HD9220/53 and HD9238/21 cannot be used in emerging economies BUT (there’s always a but) you would have to ideally use them with a transformer. Having said that, you can actually buy any one of them because they all work fine in India.

Apart from these differences, there are no earth-shattering distinctions in technology, design, capacity & features.

Ok, now that we have covered the background and the basics, let’s quickly look at product specifications, features & functionalities before we wrap up with all the delicious things you can make with them.

Philips Viva HD9220 Air Fryer

HD9220 is a multi-cooking air fryer that is Philips’ most popular & cost-effective offering in the Viva Collection. However, being a budget model doesn’t mean it is a stripped-down version. It is pack with great specs, features, and functions.

HD9220 Specifications

  • Weight: 7 Kg
  • Timer: 30 minutes
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Colour: White, silver
  • Material: Plastic
  • Power: 1425 watts
  • Voltage: 220-240 volts
  • Capacity: 800 grams
  • Cord length: 0.8 meter
  • Dimensions: 287 x 315 x 384 mm
  • Model number: HD9220/20
  • Accessories: None 

HD9220 Features

  • A thermostat that’s manually adjustable
  • Comes with non-slip feet and Cool-touch handgrip
  • It has an integrated on/off switch + power-on light,
  • Easy to clean, thanks to its dishwasher-safe parts
  • It has a cord storage which keeps kitchen surface neat and tidy
  • Automatic shut-off, temperature light & ready signal (alert)
  • It is powered by Rapid Air Technology
  • Comes in a unique starfish design to facilitate air circulation

FREE gift: Recipe booklet with 25 fat-free recipes

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Philips Viva HD9220/53 Air Fryer 

HD9220/53 is the second air fryer in the Viva Collection by Philips. It is priced slightly higher than HD9220 and shares most of its specs, features & benefits.

philips hd 9220-53 air fryer review 4

HD9220/53 Specifications

  • Weight: 7 Kg
  • Timer: 30 minutes
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Colour: White, silver
  • Material: Plastic
  • Power: 1425 watts
  • Voltage: 220-240 volts
  • Capacity: 800 grams
  • Cord length: 0.8 meter
  • Dimensions: 287 x 315 x 384 mm
  • Model number:HD9220/53
  • Accessories: None 

HD9220/53 Features

Same as HD9220

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Philips HD9238/21 Digital Air Fryer 

HD9238/21 is Philips top-of-the-line air fryer offering in the Viva Collection. Although the form and function look similar to other models, it nonetheless has some distinct features and benefits.

 philips HD9238 21 review india 1

HD9238/21 Specifications 

  • Weight: 7 Kg
  • Material: Plastic
  • Timer: 60 minutes
  • Power: 1425 watts
  • Capacity:2 litre
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Cord length: 1 metre
  • Colour: White, silver
  • Voltage: 220-240 volts/
  • Accessories: Baking Tin
  • Model number:HD9220/53
  • Dimension: 390 x 378 x 390 mm
  • Accessories: Baking Tin 

HD9238/21 Features

  • 60-minute integrated timer
  • Time & temperature control digital display
  • Rapid Air Technology with unique starfish design
  • High power performance for rapid fast results
  • Power-on light, integrated on/off switch
  • Dishwasher-safe parts for easy cleaning
  • Cord storage keeps kitchen surface neat and tidy
  • Ready signal, temperature light & automatic shut-off
  • Cool-touch handgrips + cool wall exterior & non-slip feet

Free Gift: Recipe booklet with 25 oil-free recipes + Baking Tin if you include the accessory that comes pre-packed with it.

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Common Benefits of all Philips Air Fryers

Now that you know the differences between the Viva HD9220Viva HD9220/53 & HD9238/21, let’s quickly round up the common benefits they all offer.

  • Cooks healthy + tasty food
  • Fry, bake, grill, or roast easily & quickly
  • Fries food using little to no oil
  • Cuts down on cooking time
  • It is easy to clean – dishwasher-friendly
  • Combines efficiency with safety
  • Large enough cooking capacity for family & guests 
  • No stuffy cooking smell around the house because of in-built air filters

Thirdly, are there any negatives?

How can we not cover this question? Is there something that we need to think twice about before making a buying decision? Yes, there are a few.

  • Technology Issues: Can I really fry with “air”? Or is it just advertising hot air? Does the technology work? Despite skepticism you can actually fry with superheated air. No, it is not a sales gimmick. It does work.
  • Not Totally Fat-free: Although Philips claims that their air fryer needs no oil to cook (it is true in the case of baking), however, you would still need to use some oil in order to fry. The good side is that you would require not more than half or one teaspoon of oil.  
  • Price Points: As you can naturally expect different models come at different prices. The price difference between the budget HD9220 and the top-end HD9238/21 is pretty significant.
  • Digital Display vs. Manual Adjustment: HD9220 & HD9220/53 come with manual buttons or knobs in order to set time and temperature. While HD9238/21 sports a sleek Digital Display with time & temperature control. 
  • Confusing Naming Convention: The similar sounding product model names & numbers can be quite frustrating. HD9220 is also sold as HD9220/20, then you have HD9220/53 in the same Viva series, and next the newly released HD9238/21 model in India. It is just too confusing.

Despite the negative points mentioned above, Philips air fryers have been used and loved by consumers across the world.

They also happen to have some of the best reviews and ratings by real users and buyers. It is not only used by normal consumers but is also used and recommended by chefs and food experts worldwide.

If you are looking for a trusted and vetted air fryer that’s efficient & durable… Philips rightly should be your top choice. They are the inventor of “air fryer” after all. 

Examples of food you can cook

philips airfryer review india 11 Fry fresh vegetables the healthy way. Make crispy & crunchy low-fat chips & fries. philips airfryer review india 13 Bake, roast & grill all your favourite recipes. philips airfryer review india 12 Spicy chicken wings & deep-fried prawns. philips airfryer review india 2 Philips air fryers are ideal for fried Indian snacks such as samosas which usually need a lot of deep frying in oil. philips airfryer review india 5 Cooks vegetables like brinjal, gourd, ladies fingers etc. to perfection. philips airfryer review india 10 Grill chicken within minutes not hours. philips airfryer review india 14

Fish & chips, and much more…

aalu-samosa baked-potato chakli chana-daal-vada chicken wings chicken-kofta chicken-tikka choco-lava-cake fried-hot-prawns-with-cocktail-sauce fried-pawns homemade-fries paneer-shashlik

Where should I buy Philips Air Fryers Online?

While you do get Philips air fryers in their own retail stores as well as in all major electronic retail chains, buying online could get you a better deal. Plus it saves you time & effort, too.

Most of the leading online marketplaces like Amazon India & Flipkart run almost daily promotions, and taking advantage of such discounts is a no brainer for buyers.

Philips Viva HD9220 & HD9220/53 are available on Amazon India at comparatively lesser prices. HD9238/21 is a newly released model in India and is not available on Amazon for now. Fortunately, it is available on Flipkart and is also selling at a discounted price now.

Click for HD9220’s latest offer price on Amazon India 

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6 Disadvantages of Philips air fryers

Here are some that you should be aware of before you go ahead and make a purchase.

1. They are ok taste & texture-wise

Philips air fryers are a healthy way to cook because it reduces the amount of oil you use while frying (just a little oil is usually enough). But the question that many have is – what about the taste of the food it cooks?

To be honest, there are varied opinions among consumers. Some find the fries at par with those made the conventional way while others feel the taste and texture don’t match with the “real thing”. Mostly the complaints are about fries being too dry.

Perhaps for better health one has to make a few compromises after all.

2. They are bulky

As a kitchen appliance, people often talk about how bulky they are and that they tend to take up surface space in your kitchen. So if you have a small kitchen space with less surface space, you might have to opt-out or find a way to make some space.

Plus it makes noise too which though isn’t loud could annoy people who like it quiet.

3. They are expensive

This is a big disadvantage of Philips air fryers especially in India where consumers tend to be price sensitive.

When compare to other brands, they range from slightly expensive to significantly expensive. Even the basic air fryer from Philips is more expensive than the top fryers from other brands.

However, Philips is the inventor of air fryers and as such their technology, design, quality and service command a premium. In fact, they are the bestselling and most trusted air fryer brand worldwide.

4. They are too many of them

Give me choices, and I get confused particularly if all of those are named and numbered similarly.

It is a headache to have to go through each of them and diligently review and compare their specs, features, benefits, etc. It takes too much time.

Most of the fryers from their product lines and categories are quite similar with very minor differences in design, size, power, and functions.

5. They are not ideal if you have frequent power cuts

Since they use electricity to function, Philips air fryers might not be your ideal kitchen gadget if you happen to live in an area with constant & frequent power cuts.

The power cut is a real thing that we have to live with. Be it in the cities or in the countryside. And if you have no power most of the time you will have no use of the fryer. However, if you have invertors and power back-ups then it shouldn’t be much of a problem.

6. They are not a replacement for ovens

Although air fryers are multi-functional in the sense that you can fry, bake, roast & grill with them, they are, however, not a real replacement for your current oven.

You can certainly replace electric deep-oil fryers with them. And you might not even have to use traditional pots and pans to deep fry in oil again. But it will not be the case with a microwave oven.

Philips Air fryers are handy for quickly preparing popular fried snacks and items only.


Pigeon Air Fryer vs. Philips Air Fryers


Before we go into the similarities & differences between Pigeon air fryers and Philips air fryers, let’s take a brief look at the companies behind them.


Founded in the year 1891, the Netherlands-based electronics giant has been a pioneer by introducing a host of innovation over the decades. The air fryer is another invention by Philips. The technology behind it is called Rapid Air Technology that quickly heats air and circulates it in order to cook food.


Pigeon is a brand by Stovekraft, one of the oldest & largest private kitchen appliances companies in India. Based in Karnataka, it has a turnover of around 650 crores.

Pigeon air fryers vs. Philips air fryers

Pigeon has two air fryer products;

  1. AF Super 2.2 litres
  2. AF Super 3.2 litres

While Philips has a total of 4 air fryers but for this review, we will be looking at two of its budget offerings that compete with Pigeon air fryers.

  1. Viva HD9220/20
  2. Viva HD9220/53

Pigeon vs. Philips air fryers: Product similarities

One of the key similarities in the technology behind both these air fryer brands. Philips invented the technology and call it Rapid Air Technology while Pigeon calls it Air Distribution Technology.

It enables air to be heated quickly and then it circulates the superheated air around ingredients to cook within minutes with very little oil.

With both these brands, you can fry, bake, roast & grill any food you want.

In terms of cooking capacity, the Pigeon AF Super 2.2 litres is similar to Philips HD9220/20 which also has a cooking capacity of 2.2 litres.

Other similarities include;

  1. Manual timer control
  2. Manual temperature control
  3. Auto-switch off
  4. Dishwasher safe & friendly
  5. The cool grip on handles
  6. 2-year manufacturer warranty

Pigeon vs. Philips air fryers: Product differences 

Power consumption

The Pigeon AF Super 2.2L consumes around 1350 watts while Pigeon Super 3.2L Air Fryer consumes around 1500W.

In comparison, both Philips HD9220/20 & HD9220/53 consumes around 1425 watts.

Cooking capacity

Although Pigeon AF Super 2.2 litres &  Philips HD9220/20 has the same cooking capacity of 2 litres, Philips HD9220/53 comes with a capacity of only 800 grams.

In contrast Pigeon, AF Super 3.2L has a large cooking capacity compared to both of these Philips air fryers.

Philips has other air fryers with a bigger cooking capacity too. However, they are quite expensive compared to Pigeon air fryers.


Pigeon AF-Super 2.2L weighs 5 kg while AF Super 3.2L weigh 6 kgs. On the other hand, Philips HD9220/20 & HD 9220/53 weighs 7 kgs.


All Philips air fryers come with a unique Starfish design at the bottom. According to Philips, this patented design allows air to heat very fast and also spreads out the circulated air evenly across the ingredients.

Such a patented design is lacking in not just Pigeon air fryers but also in other air fryer brands.

Cord storage

All Philips air fryers come with storage for cord which is really handy.

Non-slip feet

All Philips air fryer also comes with non-slip feet. This prevents the air fryers from slip on your kitchen counter.

Free recipe booklet

Philips air fryers also provide a recipe booklet that includes 25 different air fryer recipes that you can immediately start cooking.


Both the Pigeon air fryers come in black colour which is also true for Philips HD 9220/20. However, the HD9220/53 comes with a white body and silver handle.


Price is definitely the biggest difference between Pigeon and Philips air fryers.

Please see the next section for their prices.

Pigeon vs. Philips air fryers: Price comparison 

Pigeon AF Super 2.2L’s MRP is Rs. 4, 495 and you can get it at a discounted price of around Rs. 4, 100.

Pigeon AF Super 3.2L’s MRP is Rs. 5, 099 and you could get it at a discounted price of around Rs. 4, 700.

Philips HD9220/20 comes at an MRP of Rs. 14, 995 and you could get it at a discounted price of around Rs. 9, 000.

Philips HD9220/53 comes at an MRP of Rs. 15, 995 and you could get it at a discounted price of around Rs. 9, 600.

Pigeon vs. Philips air fryer: Consumer ratings 

Pigeon AF Super 2.2L  ratings on Amazon 

pigeon af super 2.2l air fryer amazon review

Pigeon AF Super 3.2L  ratings on Amazon 

pigeon af super 3.2l air fryer amazon review

Philips HD9220/20 ratings on Amazon 

philips hd9220 air fryer amazon review

Philips HD9220/53 ratings on Amazon 

Philips HD9220/53 air fryer Amazon review

Where to buy Pigeon or Philips air fryers? 

Although you can buy these air fryers from offline stores, our recommendations would be to buy it online as you are more likely to get a good discount.

When it comes to buying Pigeon or Philips air fryers online, we recommend Amazon India.

That is because you are most likely to get a nice bargain on Amazon plus you will get it delivered to you faster too.

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<Click here to buy Philips HD9220/20>

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Philips Air Fryer vs. Prestige Air Fryer

In this Philips vs. Prestige air fryer review and comparison, we will take an in-depth look at both these air fryers so that you can make the right choice and decision.prestige air fryer vs philips air fryer

Let’s start with the companies behind these air fryers.


The Netherlands-based consumer electronics giant was established in 1891 and boast of a history of innovation that’s over 129 years. The air fryer is another invention by Philips in its long list of cutting-edge consumer goods.

Philips is not only a highly trusted company worldwide, in India, but it was also considered as the 18th most trusted brand out of 1000 as per the Brand Trust Report 2015, a survey which is conducted by Trust Research Advisory every year.


The brand Prestige is owned by the TTK group which is a Bangalore-based company founded in 1928. Over the decades, the group has grown into one of the largest kitchen appliances companies in India.

According to the Trust Research Advisory’s Brand Trust Report 2015, Prestige was the 320th most trusted brand out of the top 1000 brands in India.

Before we go into our in-depth review and comparison it is worth mentioning that Philips has 3 air fryers in its popular Viva collection while Prestige has 2 air fryer models.

The 3 product models from Philips are;

And the 2 Product models from Prestige are;

Ok, with that clear, let’s now go into details about the two air fryers.

Philips vs. Prestige Air Fryer: The Differences

In order to settle the Philips air fryer vs Prestige air fryer debate, it is important to take note of the differences among the available models in terms of features.

Manual vs. digital 

The most obvious difference between the five models is their manual and digital controls. The Prestige Air Fryer 2.0 (PAF 2.0), as well as the Philips Viva HD9220/20 and the Viva HD9220/53, are controlled manually. With the Prestige units, you get to set the thermostat with a control slider and the time with rotary control.

The thermostat is manually adjustable in the Viva units as well. On the other hand, the Prestige Air Fryer 1.0 (PAF 1.0) and the Viva HD9238/21 are controlled digitally. Specifically, you can set the temperature and timer through the touch panel on the front of the Prestige unit and a digital LED panel will show the current settings. You can use the digital display touchscreen with the Philips unit as well.

Cooking capacity 

When it comes to capacity, both the PAF 2.0 and 1.0, as well as the Philips Viva Digital, can accommodate more or less 2 liters of foodstuff while the non-digital models of Philips Viva can only handle around 800 grams or 0.8 liters.

Manufacturer warranty 

Prestige offers a one-year warranty to customers buying their air fryer products. But those buying the Viva units can be happier because Philips offers a product warranty of 2 years. Philips on top of it also provides world-class after-sales and customer service.

Extra accessories 

Purchasing the air fryers doesn’t include extra accessories, except for the Viva Digital which comes with a baking tin. However, buyers of the non-digital Philips units can make use of their air fryers even more due to the optional accessories they can purchase like the grilling tray and baking pan.

On the other hand, the Prestige units already come with separate baskets for the ingredients and for the crumbs or oil drips. These baskets can be safely separated with the touch of a button.

Prestige vs. Philips Air Fryer: The Similarities

While differences will help you better understand which to choose between the two, it’s also important to determine the similar features among the five models for a more holistic comparison.


The most obvious similarity is that both brands use super-heated air in order to cook food inside the fryers. Philips basically is the inventor of the technology and calls it Rapid Air Technology while other brands including Prestige are “me too” products. Philips also has a unique starfish design inside which enables hot air to circulated rapidly all around the ingredients.

One important thing to know is that while Philips and Prestige market their units for frying as “no oil healthy cooking”, the truth is that you’ll still have to use a small amount of oil for many of the ingredients especially when you’re making French fries, potato wedges, etc. In any case, both models promote healthy eating and indeed drastically reduces oil intake.


You won’t basically have the option to choose a bold and fancy color such as “cherry red” for any of the units.  With the Philips unit, you’ll only have black for both Viva HD9220/20 and HD9238/21 Digital while the Viva HD9220/53 comes in white and silver. The Prestige units only come in black. Although both don’t provide many choices in colors, Philips offers two colors to choose from.


The Prestige and Philips air fryers are all lightweight and compact, with the Philips units weighing 7 kilograms while the Prestige units are 6 kilograms. In essence, you can carry the units around should you want to cook somewhere else other than in your own kitchen. Perhaps you want to prepare your meals on the patio, deck or in a friend’s home. It’s worth noting though that the Prestige units come with a sturdy handle that makes carrying them more convenient.

Power requirement

Their operating voltage and power requirements are basically the same. Prestige uses 230 volts for voltage and 1,400 watts for power while Philips requires 220 volts to 240 volts and 1,425 watts for all its air fryer units.

All the models have the necessary power on and temperature indicators to help you avoid the guessing game of determining whether the units are ready for cooking or not. The Philips units also have a “ready” signal to alert you.

Regardless of being manually or digitally controlled, all the units feature an auto switch off capability, which essentially gives you more freedom. All you have to do is set the timer and you can do anything you want while the food is cooking.

Handling & maintenance 

Cooking with air fryers is basically not a messy activity, unlike traditional deep frying. Your kitchen won’t even stink during and after cooking, thanks to the built-in air filters in the units. The Prestige models also have an oil filter feature.

After-cooking cleaning is convenient and hassle-free regardless of the unit you own. The Prestige units have an easily separated fryer and crumb baskets which are easy to clean. On the other hand, Philips specifically markets its air fryers as having dishwasher-safe components for convenient cleaning.

Philips vs. Prestige Air Fryer Price Comparison

The maximum retail price of the air fryers from Philips is generally much higher compared to those from Prestige.

The MRPs for the Prestige units is Rs. 8,695.00 for the manual 2.0 model (now available at a discount) and Rs. 12,995.00 for the digital 1.0 model (available at a discount as well).

On the other hand, the MRPs for the Philips units range from Rs. 14,995 (Viva HD9220/20) to Rs. 18,995 (HD9238/21 Digital).

The Prestige 2.0 unit is often available at a discounted price ranging from Rs. 5, 800 to Rs. 6, 700 on Amazon while the PAF 1.0 model can be bought at a range of Rs. 8,650 to 9, 600.

For the Philips units, the HD9220/20 is usually available between Rs. 8,940 and Rs. 10,000 (click here for the latest offer price) while the HD9220/53 is often available at a discounted price range from Rs. 9,000 to Rs. 12,000 (click here for the latest discount price).

The discounts available online are certainly attractive. Philips offers the best deal with the discount of as much as 40-43% on their non-digital Viva units. As for the Digital model, online buyers can enjoy as much as 15% discounts. On the other hand, Amazon buyers of PAF 2.0 can get around 29% discount while those opting for the PAF 1.0 can take advantage of the 32% discount.


To sum up this Philips & Prestige air fryer comparison and review, Philips as the pioneer of the technology and the assurance of its brand commands a premium price. It also has an extensive network of service centers which helps in case you need after-sales support.

Nevertheless, Prestige is a multi-awarded brand and is known for its quality products. Its lesser pricing is certainly an attractive feature. If it is a world-renown brand and superior technology and service that you are after then Philips is obviously the better choice. However, if pricing is your main concern then Prestige could be a better alternative.

Well, this brings us to the end of our Philips air fryer vs. Prestige air fryer comparison. We hope this review has helped clarify the questions you may have had.

Where to buy online?

We recommend Amazon India because more often than not you could find a better bargain there. Another advantage of Amazon is that they happen to be faster when it comes to product delivery.

<Click here to buy Philips air fryers on Amazon>

<Click here to buy Prestige air fryers on Amazon>


Philips Air Fryer vs. Kenstar Oxy Fryer

Philips Air Fryer vs. Kenstar Oxy Fryer in India. We compare the two to find out which one of them is worth buying? We will dive into the features, specifications, functionalities, similarities and price differences between the two.

We will also look into the pros and cons of each of them based on available data as well as real customer feedback and ratings. Finally, we will find out which is the best site to buy online at a discounted price in India.

philips vs kenstar air fryer indiaThe biggest appeal of air fryers is because more and more people in India now are opting to live a healthy lifestyle. And in a country that loves its delicious deep-fried snacks and delicacies, the fact that you can now deep fry with little to no oil is indeed a piece of welcome news.

We all understand the importance of eating healthy meals aside from engaging in physical activities. However, with delicious treats like samosa, chips, fried chicken, French fries etc., it’s tough to maintain a balanced diet.

Thanks to the air fryers from the likes of Philips and Kenstar, you can now quickly cook and enjoy tasty fried snacks and meals without having to use unhealthy amounts of oil or fat!

Before we take an in-depth look at the air fryers from both the brands, let’s take a quick glance at the two companies.

The companies behind the air fryers


Founded in 1891, Philips is based in Amsterdam. It has a rich history and legacy of innovation spread over 129 years. From radios to lamps to electric shavers to televisions to medical equipment and semiconductors, Philips has touched its consumers’ lives in many ways across the world over the decades. In India, it is the 18th most trusted brand out of 1000, according to the Brand Trust Report 2015, a study conducted by Trust Research Advisory.


Kenstar is a home appliances brand by Kitchen Appliances India Ltd. It was launched in the year 1996. It is a subsidiary of Videocon group. It makes kitchen appliances, TVs, air conditioners, air coolers, and health appliances. According to the same Brand Trust Report 2015, Kenstar is the 383rd most trusted brand out of 1000 brands in India.

Philips & Kenstar air fryer comparison

Now that we have covered the backstory, let’s proceed with our main Philips Air Fryer vs. Kenstar Oxy Fryer review. But before that a few quick words about the technology behind these products.

How they work

At the heart of how they function is a technology that rapidly heats up the air and circulates it all around the ingredients to fry them up. You would use little to no oil/fat while frying. Food cooked by air frying has the same crispy brown texture as deep-oil frying without compromising on taste.

While Philips pioneered and patented the technology, and calls it Rapid Air Technology, others were quick to jump into this new emerging cooking technology segment. Kenstar and other brands essentially use a similar version of the technology without being an exact copy of Philips. Hence, instead of AIR fryer, Kenstar calls it OXY fryer.

Calling it just a fryer is an understatement. This is because it is really a multi-cooking kitchen appliance that can also bake, grill & roast.

Differences between Philips & Kenstar air fryers

kenstar oxyfryer review indiaThe Kenstar Aster 1500-Watt Oxy Fryer comes only in cherry red color and runs with a power of 1,500 watts. On the other hand, the Philips Viva HD9220 Air Fryer runs on 1,425 watts and is only available in black.

However, there’s a slightly different Philips model, the Viva HD9220/53, which comes in white.

The Kenstar Aster’s frying basket has a capacity of 3 liters while the Philips Viva can only hold 2.2 liters or a maximum of around 350 grams of frozen fries for optimal cooking.

When it comes to product dimensions, Kenstar is slightly longer at 30 cm compared to Philips which is only 28.7 cm. But Philips is taller at 38.4 cm versus the 36.5 cm of Kenstar. They both have a width of 31.5 cm.

While the Aster fryer generally doesn’t need oil to cook your food, Kenstar recommends adding half a tablespoon of oil to fresh potatoes if you want crispy results for fries, wedges, and cubes. Meanwhile, the Philips Viva generally promotes low-fat cooking, requiring customers to use a tablespoon or less of oil in foods. Excess fat is drained during the cooking process.

While both come with an electrical power cord, the Philips HD9220 has a specific cord storage space in its unit to ensure that your kitchen surface is tidy and free from clutter when you’re not cooking.

Similarities between Philips & Kenstar air fryers

philips vs kenstar air fryer comparison indiaThere are various similarities that make deciding on Kenstar Oxy Fryer vs Philips Airfryer a tough call. For one, both units utilize an innovative system that turns ingredients into tasty meals by using superheated air and powerful air circulating design.

You can also experiment with a wide range of cooking options, thanks to the adjustable cooking time and temperature settings that you can control in both the Philips and Kenstar fryers.

The units are also equipped with lighting signals to inform you of cooking status.

Both the products have auto-shutoff features to avoid overcooking your food and to conserve power. Speaking of power, the Kenstar and Philips units have an operating voltage of 220-240 volts.

To discover how you can fully maximize the use of these kitchen appliances, your purchase of Kenstar or Philips comes with a helpful book of recipes of delicious, healthy foods. For more recipes, you can visit the official product websites. Of course, a manual on how to take care of the units is also provided in each. Moreover, Kenstar and Philips offer a 2-year warranty for their respective products to customers in India.

The parts of both Kenstar Aster and Philips Viva are safe to be easily cleaned through a dishwasher. So despite being multi-use air fryers that you can use for at least 4 consecutive dishes, you won’t have to worry about cleaning later on.

Price differences between Philips & Kenstar air fryers

Between the two products, the Kenstar Aster Oxy Fryer is cheaper with a maximum retail price of Rs. 10,990. Through online shopping, this unit is available from as low as Rs 7,950 to as high as Rs 8,050.

On the other hand, the Philips Viva HD9220‘s maximum retail price is set at Rs. 14,995 but you can enjoy as much as 40% savings when you buy the product online. Specifically, Amazon shopping prices tag this item from Rs. 8,940 to Rs. 10,000.

Note that there are other models under the Philips Viva collection (and the recently launched Avance Collection), but these units are more expensive with the HD9220/53 having a maximum retail price at Rs.15,995 and online prices from Rs. 9,000 to Rs. 12,000.

The Viva HD9238/21 Digital model comes with an MRP of Rs. 18,995 and online price between Rs. 16,000 to Rs. 17, 000.

Pros & cons of Philips & Kenstar air fryers

The Pros

The advantages of having either the Philips Airfryer or the Kenstar Oxy Fryer are:

  • Easy-to-clean cooking parts. They’re dishwashing-safe, too.
  • Can cook around 2.2 liters or 800 grams of foodstuff.
  • A one-stop cooking solution for any kitchen as the units can do more than frying. They can also bake, roast and reheat food, among others.
  • Promote a healthy lifestyle due to oil-free or low-oil cooking.
  • Convenient to use with simple yet highly adjustable controls. Makes cooking processed snacks quick and easy.
  • Innovative cooking technology makes cooking quick and easy, saving you time and energy.
  • Units are in portable sizes making them easy to carry around the kitchen. Cooking baskets also have sturdy, ergonomic handles for easy food handling.

The Cons

These products don’t come without disadvantages though.

  • Previous buyers from Amazon complain that the products are defective when they receive it. While the scenario is, unfortunately, a typically normal thing when it comes to online shopping, you can contact the manufacturer directly about the defects. They can send someone to fix your unit. Besides, your product comes with a 2-year warranty.
  • Other reviews state that the accompanying power cord is too short. While the units are meant for countertop use, you have the option to use extension wires. So make sure to also buy one if you don’t have any.
  • Some buyers also complain that the cooking booklet isn’t provided with the product. While you can contact the seller or the manufacturer about this, you can check out the latest recipes through official product websites for the time being.
  • Take note that these units run on electricity, thus, you will not be able to use them in areas where power interruptions are frequent or where electricity is absent.

This brings us to the end of our Kenstar Oxy Fryer vs Philips Airfryer review and comparison.

If you want healthier cooking options without the hassle, the Kenstar Oxy Fryer and the Philips Airfryer are good investments.

One important thing to remember when it comes to air fryer is that Philips is actually the inventor and pioneer of air frying technology. And they are the most trusted brand worldwide when it comes to air frying.

Where to buy online in India?

If you are looking for a deal or discount, then there is certainly no doubt that online marketplaces are the places to go to. If you take advantage of their promotions, you can save from Rs. 1, 000 up to Rs. 5, 000. That’s a pretty good bargain!

Amazon India should ideally be the first place to look for. Most often than not, you are more likely to get a better deal there. You are also more likely to get your orders delivered to you sooner.

<<Click here to view Philips Air Fryer’s latest offer price on Amazon>>

<<Click to view Kenstar Oxy Fryer’s latest offer price on Amazon India>>



Philips Avance HD9240/90 XL Air Fryer Review

Philips Avance HD9240/90 XL Air Fryer Review

Avance HD9240/90 XL is the latest air fryer in India from Philips. Is it worth buying? What’s the difference between this and the other air fryers? Is it better? Is it as healthy as it claims to be? How much does it cost? Is it available online? Let’s find out.

Launched recently in India, the new Philips Avance HD9240/90 XL air fryer is also called Philips Avance XL, Philips Air Fryer XL or just HD9240.

Avance is the name of the product collection that HD9240 belongs to. The XL is a reference to its larger size.

Philips Avance HD9240 XL isn’t just about size alone. It packs more punch and power too.

In this review, we will take a look at all its details and quickly compare it with other Philips air fryers to see how HD9240 XL stacks up.


NOTE: If you are interested in Philips Viva air fryers, please read our in-depth reviews of HD9220HD9220/53 & HD9238/21.    

Philips Avance HD9240/90 XL: What is different about it?

If you are looking for a larger capacity and a more powerful air fryer than Philips Viva range of air fryers – HD9220. HD9220/53 & HD9238/21, then Philips Avance HD9240/90 XL might be a good choice for you.

Like all air fryers by Philips, HD9240/90 XL uses patented heat circulation technology called Rapid Air Technology to fry, bake, roast & grill your favourite snacks and meals to crispy and crunchy perfection with little to no oil.

However, unlike other popularly priced air fryers, the Avance XL Airfryer HD9240 is slightly expensive but comes with 50% more capacity, 30% faster frying time and has a smart pre-set feature that makes cooking food you make often really easy & fast.

It also comes with a Digital Time & Temperature Control Display just like HD9238/21 but unlike HD9220 or HD9220/53.

Moreover, when it comes to noise it makes, Avance XL is no different than other Philips air fryers. It makes an equal amount of noise while cooking although it is bigger in size and more powerful in performance.  

Philips Avance HD9240/90 XL Specifications

HD9240/90 xl india review


  • Capacity: 3 litres (1.2 kg)
  • Colour: Ink black
  • Material: Plastic
  • Weight: 7 kg
  • Timer: 60-minute
  • Cord length: 0.8 m
  • Power: 2100 Watts
  • Frequency: 50/60 Hz
  • Product dimensions: 315 x 302 x 423 mm


Philips Avance HD9240/90 XL Features & Functionalities

  • It comes with Rapid Air Technology


Like all Philips air fryers, Avance XL also comes with Philips’ unique Rapid Air Technology. This enables you to fry, bake, roast and grill by using little or no oil.

  • Large 3 litre (1.2 kg) cooking capacity


Its large capacity is perfect for families. You can easily cook food for 5 people.

  • Digital display for a quick time and temperature control


Prepare your favourite food at the touch of a button. Easily control the time and temperature with its digital touch screen.

  • Smart preset button for faster cooking


This is a distinct feature of Avance XL. You can now save the settings of your favourite dish. Next time you want to cook the same dish, just use the reset button and you are good to go.

  • Multi-cooking kitchen appliance for hassle-free cooking 

You can not just deep fry with Avance XL but also bake, roast & grill. It is a simple yet smart all-in-one cooking gadget.

  • Free booklet filled with mouth-watering recipes 


Created by culinary experts, the booklet offers a range of low-fat fried food that you can cook in Avance HD9240/90 air fryer. You can immediately get started and prepare delicious yet healthy dishes without having to hunt for recipes to prepare.

  • More power for faster cooking results


As per Philips, Avance XL comes with more power and hence it offers superior cooking performance when compared to the popular air fryers from Philips Viva collection.

  • Unique design for enhanced efficiency  

The unique starfish design combines fast circulating superheated air and optimal heating profile that enables you to cook a host of delicacies faster.

  • Less odour and easy to clean 

Avance XL has a removable nonstick coated drawer and a food basket. Both of these are easy to clean and are dishwasher safe and friendly. Compared to conventional fryers, it saves your home from the smell of deep-fried oil.

Other Avance XL features

  • Adjustable temperature up to 390° Celsius
  • 60-minute timer
  • Auto shut-off
  • On/Off switch
  • Power indicator light
  • Internal cord storage
  • Non-slip feet
  • Ready alert/signal
  • Cool wall exterior

Philips Avance HD9240/90 XL Pros

  • Bigger and better than ordinary air fryers
  • Extra-large capacity and extra power
  • Unique preset cooking functionality for faster cooking
  • Digital display and touch keys for time & temperature control
  • The fries are slightly better than those from a regular air fryer
  • Cooks with little to no oil

Philips Avance HD9240/90 XL Cons

  • Quite on the expensive side compared to other Philips air fryers
  • Produces as much noise as small air fryers
  • Consumes more power than ordinary air fryers
  • Is large and hence needs more countertop or storage space
  • Tends to produce smoke if excess grease builds up
  • The manual is just a large folded paper sheet instead of a more user-friendly booklet.

philips avance-xl review online india

Philips Avance HD9240/90 XL Price

HD9240/90 XL is a high-end air fryer from Philips’ Avance Collection. Its MRP is Rs. 23, 995. In comparison the HD9220, HD9220/53 & HD9238/21 is Rs. 14,995, Rs. 15,995 & Rs. 18,995 respectively.

When you buy online at a discounted price, you usually can expect to get anywhere between Rs. 1000 to 2000 off on the MRP. However, Avance HD9240/90 XL is currently not available on discount at any of the top marketplaces like Amazon India, Flipkart and Snapdeal.

It is only available on Philips India site and retail stores as of now.

NOTE: We will update this review and the pricing the moment it is available on online marketplaces. 

<Click here to check out Avance HD9240/90 XL>

Philips Avance XL Review Summary

The Philips Avance HD9240/90 is one of the largest capacity air fryers in India. It offers you all the essential air fryer features PLUS extra power and some distinct conveniences like the preset cooking feature.

The HD9240/90 XL provides approximately 30% to 50% more capacity than normal size air fryers. Fries prepared in Avance XL are also slightly better than those from ordinary air fryers.

If you are looking for a large-capacity air fryer, faster cooking time and the convenience of pre-set functionality for your family, then the Avance HD9240/90 XL would be the right choice.



Philips Air Fryer vs. Havells Air Fryer

In-depth Philips vs. Havells air fryer review & comparison in India. Let’s examine the product offerings, their specifications, features, functionalities, price as well as benefits.

At the end of this review, we will also find out which of the two is the right to buy plus the best place to buy online at lesser than Maximum Retail Price (MRP) in India.

Philips vs havells air fryer review india

In order to make this Philips vs. Havells air fryer review fair and balanced, we will only look at air fryers that fall in the same or similar price range. This is because both the brands have a few models that differ in terms of features and pricing. Having said that, we will also touch upon those other models in order to give you an overview of their air fryer product line.

A brief look at the brands

Royal Philips

Popularly known as Philips, it was founded in 1891 and is headquartered in Amsterdam. Its history of innovation spans over 129 years. As a result, it has an enviable portfolio of patents ranging from radios to lamps to electric shavers to televisions to medical equipment and semiconductors. According to the Brand Trust Report 2015, a study conducted by Trust Research Advisory, Philips ranked as the 18th most trusted brands out of 1000 brands in India.


Havells India Ltd. is a billion-dollar-plus electronics company founded in 1958. It also owns global brands like Crabtree, Sylvania, Concord & Luminance. It makes products ranging from cables & wires, motors, fans, power capacitors, compact fluorescent lamps (CFL), modular switches, water heater to domestic appliances. As per the Brand Trust Report 2015, Havells ranked 152th among 1000 of India’s most trusted brands.

Which air fryer models are we comparing?

We will be reviewing and comparing air fryers from Philips Viva & Havells Profile collection. 

Philips sells HD9220/20HD9220/53 & HD9238/21 under its Viva Collection while Havells sells Profile & Profile Plus air fryers.

There are many similarities and differences between the two brands as well as between different models within the same collection.

So let’s take a detailed look at those product models.

Havells Air Fryers vs. Philips Air Fryers

Havells Profile

havells profile vs philips airfryer indiaHavells Profile is the basic air fryer model from Havells. It comes with an aluminium non-stick food basket of 2 litres and pan capacity of 4 litres.

Up to 1230 Watts in power, it has a 60-minute timer with auto shut-off, adjustable thermostat control for different types of recipes, cool-touch handle, basket release button and air vent to reduce the smell.

It also comes with a 2-year warranty. Currently available only in black, it is similar in features and price with Philips Viva HD9220/20.

Its M.R.P. is Rs. 13, 495. However, online you can buy it for a little over Rs. 8, 000 at times and save up to 50%. It is usually available online at promotional prices ranging from Rs. 7, 000 up to Rs. 9, 000.

Philips HD9220/20, the one Profile competes with, is priced at Rs. 14, 995, and it is similarly available on discount from Rs. 8, 000 to Rs. 12, 000 online.

Havells Profile Plus

havells profile plus vs philips airfryer india

Profile Plus is an upgraded model of profile with a slightly higher price – Rs. 14, 995. However, it is similar to Profile in terms of features and functionalities. It is slightly confusing as to what is the difference between these two air fryer models.

In terms of pricing, it competes with Philips HD9220/53 which is also priced around Rs. 15, 995. Profile Plus can be bought online for around Rs. 8, 000 to Rs. 10, 000.

When you buy Profile Plus, the box contents include 1 main unit, user manual and warranty card. As an air fryer, it helps you fry, roast, bake and grill. You can use it to also reheat food as well. Havells claims its fryers are up to 85% less oily compared to conventional deep fryers.

It has a 2-litre non-stick aluminium food basket and a 4-litre extra-large pan capacity. It has a 6o-minute timer with an integrated auto-off timer and temperature control function for faster cooking. Its power wattage is 1230 watts, has an adjustable thermostat and comes with a 2-year warranty. Like the Profile, it also has a cool-touch handle, basket release button and air vents to reduce the smell. In terms of colours both Havells Profile air fryers come only in black. 

havells vs philips air fryers

Main features & functions of Havells Profile and Profile Plus air fryers

Philips Viva HD9220/20

hd9220 vs havells profile air fryer

This is Philips’ basic air fryer model which is similar to Havells Profile in terms of features as well as pricing. It is one of the most popular air fryers not just from Philips but in the entire product category.

Priced at Rs. 14, 995 (available online from Rs. 8,000 to Rs. 12, 000) and powered by Philips’s patented Rapid Air Technology, it comes with 1425 watts which is higher than Havells and as such more powerful in terms of performance.

It has a 30-minute timer with auto-shutoff and ready signal feature. It weighs 7 kg and has a dimension of 287 x 315 x 384 mm in height, width and length.

Other notable features include manually adjustable time & temperature control, cord storage, dishwasher-friendly parts and 2-year warranty.

It also comes with a FREE recipe booklet with more 25 recipes compiled by food experts so that you can right off the bat start using the air fryer to cook delicious but healthy snacks.

As for colour, HD9220/20 is only available in black.

Philips Viva HD9220/53

hd922053 vs havells profile plus air fryer

It is the second air fryer in the Viva collection from Philips and is slightly priced higher than HD9220/20.

It has a Maximum Retail Price (M.R.P.) of Rs. 15, 995. However, you can easily get it for around Rs. 8, 800 to Rs. 13, 000 online due to discounts and promotions. It is available in white (body) and silver (handle), and has the same exact feature, functionalities and benefits as the HD9220/20.

One of the most curious things about such second-in-line air fryers from Philips as well as other brands is that there is no distinct difference in features and benefits yet the prices are slightly more expensive than the basic models.

With this model, Philips seems to be charging extra just for a different colour. And as for Havells air fryers, the Profile Plus has the exact same features as Profile yet the pricing is somewhat different.

This is a major confusion point for consumers who can’t seem to find any distinctions and differences between such models. And often buyers mistake one for the other. Please know the differences (or lack thereof) between the prices and buy accordingly.

Our recommendation would be that if you are in the market for your first air fryer than going for the basic models would be a good idea as paying extra just for colours and in some cases for no major distinctions just doesn’t make sense.

Philips air fryer features and functionalities

Common feature & functionalities of HD9220/20 & HD9220/53

 Philips Viva HD9238/21

philips HD9238/21 vs havells airfryers

This is the top-of-the-line air fryer by Philips from its Viva collection. Priced higher than both the models mentioned above with lots of extra features and functionalities bundled in. Its M.R.P. is Rs. 18, 995 and is usually available online in the range of Rs. 16, 000 to Rs. 17, 000.

Havells does not have any air fryers that compete with HD9238/21.

The major distinction of this air fryer is that has Digital Touchscreen Time & Temperature Control as opposed to manually adjustable knobs. It is also larger in size, has more cooking capacity, cool wall exterior and has a 60-minute timer. Its cord length is also 1 meter compared to .8 metre of other Philips Viva air fryers.

The HD9238/21 has comes with a free accessory which is a baking tin.

Other than these, it has all the functionalities and benefits as other air fryers from Philips Viva collection.


Let’s wrap this Philips vs. Havells air fryer review and comparison by summarizing the important points.

Havells offers two air fryers namely – Profile and Profile Plus – while Philips in its Viva collection offers HD9220/20HD9220/53 and HD9238/21.

There is no major distinction in terms of features and benefits between Havells Profile and Profile Plus except a slight change in the design and look of the product and their pricing. Same is true of Philips HD9220/20 and HD9220/53 with one other difference which is colour. HD9220/20 comes in black while HD9220/53 comes in white and silver.

Both Profile and Profile Plus is priced slightly lower than HD9220/20 and HD9220/53 and they compete with each other.

One important thing to note is that Havells air fryers’ capacity is 2/4 litres while Philips air fryers’ capacity is .8 litres.

The only exception here is Philips HD9238/21 which has a cooking capacity of 2.2 litres. It is also a premium model in Philips Viva collection and has a digital touch screen and is larger in size.

One important distinction to remember between the two brands is that Philips is the inventor and pioneer when it comes to air fryers and as such enjoy the trust and confidence of consumers across the world while Havells and other brands are just me-too brands.


Philips Viva HD9238/21 Digital Air Fryer Review


Product Name: Philips Viva HD9238/21 Air Fryer
Brand: Philips
Colour: Black
Timer: 60 minutes
Power: 1425 watts
Weight: 7 kg
Capacity: 2.2 litres
Dimension: 390 x 378 x 390 mm
Warranty: 2 years
Cord Length: 1 metre
Digital Display: Yes
Accessories: Baking tin
Free Gift: Recipe booklet
Maximum Retail Price: Rs.18,995
Online Offer Price: Rs. 16,000 – 17, 000


Philips Viva HD9238/21 Digital Air Fryer Review

The newly released HD9238/21 is the top-of-the-line Philips air fryer in India so far. Find out about its features, highlights, functionalities & benefits to make an informed decision. Know what can you fry with it, what’s its price plus where to purchase it online at a discount.

The HD9238/21 air fryer is a high-end product model from Philips Viva Collection.

Philips invented the “air fryer”.  Powering each of their air fryers is what they call the Rapid Air Technology. It is a simple yet smart solution. The goal is to replace cooking oil (deep-fried oil, in particular) with superheated air.

Philips claims that with the help of this technomagic its air fryers can cook delicious fries using little to no oil, and makes deep-fried food up to 80% less fat-free. philips HD9238 21 review india 2

Instead of hot oil, it uses “hot air” (superheated air, in other words) which rapidly circles & circulates reaching every part of the ingredients and deep-frying them up as a result in no time.

Within minutes you are biting into tasty & crunchy but 100% healthy fried snacks & meals. Food “air-fried” with Philips HD9238/21 is crisp on the outside and juicy inside. You get the right texture without losing out on taste.

Watch how Rapid Air Technology works

Philips Viva HD9238/21 Specifications

HD9238/21 looks sleek. The design is minimalist yet sturdy. If you look beyond the aesthetics, its spec sheet doesn’t disappoint either. Have a look below. 


  • Weight: 7 Kg
  • Material: Plastic
  • Timer: 60 minutes
  • Power: 1425 watts
  • Capacity:2 litre
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Cord length: 1 metre
  • Colour: White, silver
  • Voltage: 220-240 volts
  • Model number: HD9220/53
  • Dimension: 390 x 378 x 390 mm
  • Accessories: Baking Tin 

Philips Viva HD9238/21 Product Features

It is a handy multi-cooking kitchen appliance. It is easy to use, too.

  • An integrated timer up to 60 minutes
  • Digital time & temperature control touchscreen display
  • Powered by patented Rapid Air Technology
  • Innovative starfish design to heat food up quickly 
  • High powered performance for fast cooking 
  • Power-on light plus integrated on/off switch
  • Removable dishwasher-safe parts for easy washing 
  • Cord storage to keep kitchen surface area clean and tidy 
  • Temperature light, ready signal & automatic shut-off
  • Cool-touch handgrip + cool wall exterior & non-slip feet 

Philips Viva HD9238/21 Benefits

It delights in terms of form & functionality. And it also delivers when it comes to what truly matters – benefits.

  • Premium, high quality, high-performance model
  • All-in-one – bake, fry, roast or grill within minutes
  • 100% healthy – fries using little to no oil
  • Reduces your preparation & cooking time
  • Cuts down fat in your fries up to 80%
  • It is dishwasher-friendly. Has removable parts. Easy to wash & clean.
  • It is efficient in what it does and is safe to use as well.
  • Larger than the normal cooking capacity that’s perfect for family & guests
  • In-built air filters – say goodbye to stuffy deep-fried oil smell in the kitchen/house

Bonus Benefit: If you are looking for a perfect present, look no further. Either for yourself or for people you love & know, the HD9238/21 makes a great & “healthy” gift.   

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A quick round-up of HD9238/21 features & functionalities

  • Cook & eat healthy with Rapid Air Technology: Now grill, fry, roast & bake with one single small kitchen appliance. Up to 80% less fat compared to conventional deep frying methods.
  • Design that delivers delicious fat-free food: Its “Starfish” design at the bottom superheats air faster. Optimal heating profile to fry all types of deep-fried snacks in minutes.
  • Do it all – fry, grill, roast & bake in no time: Think of it as your one-stop cooking solution. You can cook all types of dishes you and your loved ones like and enjoy.
  • QuickClean bottom and lid for easy cleaning: Unique cooking basket with a honeycomb mesh bottom and non-stick coating. Easily detachable for quick cleaning. Splatter-proof, multifunctional lid for even more recipes.
  • Digital Display time and temperature control: Digital Display to control time & temperature. 60-minutes integrated timer. Automatic shut off function with sound alert.
  • Cleans easy & creates less smell: It is easy to carry & clean. Come s with removable non-stick coated cooking basket and drawer. Reduces stuffy deep-fried oil smell because of its in-built air filters.
  • Enough capacity to cook for family & guests: Comes with 800 grams of cooking capacity. Ideal for serving up everyone’s favourite snacks in no time. They will find them delicious and healthy, too.
  • Digital display with smooth controls: Unlike other models such as HD9220, it comes with a Time & Temperature Control Digital Display.
  • High-power performance for fast cooking results: With up to 1400 watts, it delivers high-powered performance for faster results. The snacks and meals are done within minutes not hours.
  • Free recipe booklet full of inspiring recipes: Created by culinary experts, it has 25 fat-free deep fried recipes so that you can start “air frying” from the moment you unbox the product.

Any negatives about the HD9238/21?

  • Pricing: Since it is a newly released top-end product model, its price is higher than other models reviewed here on the site. However, if you are looking for better form, power and functionalities, the HD9238/21 is the best that you can get right now in India.
  • Not Really Fat-free: For baking, roasting & grilling you may not be required to use oil, however, for frying you will have to use some amount of oil – usually just a half teaspoon or one full teaspoon of oil at the max.
  • Digital Display instead of Manual Settings: If you like doing things manually and prefer simplicity over bells & whistles, HD9238/21 may not excite you much. However, if you like geeky looking display & screen, it may be your thing.
  • Model Name Confusion: All of them have similar sounding and looking model names. HD9238/21 sounds & looks similar to HD 9220/20 & HD9220/53. It can be confusing and might send you on a wild goose information chase.

         NOTE: Philips Air Fryers come in HD9220HD9220/53 & HD9238/21 models in India. To know about all the   differences between these air fryers, read this in-depth review & comparison 

Where to buy Philips HD9238/21 Online?

Leading online marketplaces in India such as Amazon India & Flipkart are great places to buy it. They often offer daily discounts, and you should be taking advantage of such promotions.

We recommend you first try on Amazon India. It is now available there at a comparatively much lesser price.

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Examples of food you can cook

Philips HD9238/21 is a multi-cooking kitchen gadget that can fry, roast, grill and bake. You can easily cook all your favourite veg or non-veg snacks & meals.

philips airfryer review india 2

philips airfryer review india 5

philips airfryer review india 10

philips airfryer review india 14

And much much more…

aalu-samosa baked-potato chakli chana-daal-vada chicken wings chicken-kofta chicken-tikka choco-lava-cake fried-hot-prawns-with-cocktail-sauce fried-pawns homemade-fries paneer-shashlik

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Philips Viva HD9220/53 Air Fryer Review

Product Name: Philips Viva HD9220/53 Air Fryer
Brand: Philips
Colour: White
Timer: 30 minutes
Power: 1425 watts
Weight: 7 kg
Capacity: 800 gm
Dimension: 287 x 315 x 384 mm
Warranty: 2 years
Cord Length: 0.8 m
Digital Display: None
Accessories: None
Free Gift: Recipe booklet
Maximum Retail Price: Rs.15,995
Online Offer Price: Rs. 9, 000 – 12, 000
Philips Viva HD9220/53 Air Fryer Review

Is HD9220/53 the best choice when it comes to Philips airfryers? Find out everything about what it offers, how it works, what you prepare with it, how much it costs, and finally where to get a good deal online.

Philips HD9220/53 is another “air fryer” from a product line which Philips calls the Viva Collection.
 Likewise, Philips’ unique Rapid Air Technology is at the heart of each of their air fryers such as the HD9220/53. 

What is Rapid Air Technology?

According to Philips, its patented frying technology cooks great tasting fries that are up to 80% fat-free.

By replacing oil with superheated air and rapidly circulating it on all sides of the ingredients, the technology fries them up within minutes.

It is a healthy way of cooking delicious snacks & meals that are crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. With just a few drops of oil.

Philips Viva HD9220/53 Specifications

Sleek and sturdy, HD9220/53 is truly a modern kitchen appliance in terms of design. It isn’t just about design alone. The spec sheet packs quite a punch too.

philips hd 9220-53 air fryer review 2

  • Weight: 7 Kg
  • Power: 1425 watts
  • Timer: 30 minutes
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Capacity: 800 grams
  • Colour: White, silver
  • Material: Plastic
  • Operating voltage: 220-240 volts
  • Dimensions: 287 x 315 x 384 mm
  • Cord length:8 meter
  • Accessories: No 

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 Philips Viva HD9220/53 Product Features

HD9220/53 is a multi-cooking kitchen appliance with great functionalities. And it is easy to use and operate as well.

  • philips hd 9220-53 air fryer review 6A thermostat that’s adjustable
  • Cool-touch handle + non-slip feet
  • Power-on light, integrated on/off switch
  • Dishwasher-friendly parts for quick cleaning
  • Cord storage makes things easier
  • Ready signal (alert), temperature light & automatic shut-off
  • Innovative technology + bottom in unique starfish design to facilitate air circulation
  • Free recipe booklet with each model 

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Philips Viva HD9220/53 Benefits

Ok, let’s get to the main reasons why you should consider buying the HD9220/53.

  • philips hd 9220-53 air fryer review 5The best mid-range price among Philips air fryers
  • Multi-cooking – grill, fry, bake & roast – appliance
  • Fry snacks and meals with just half a teaspoon of oil
  • Dramatically reduces cooking time
  • Cooks 100% healthy and delicious food
  • It is easy to clean because of its removable part which is dishwasher-friendly
  • An efficient cooking gadget that is also safe 
  • Perfect for cooking for family & guests thanks to its large capacity
  • Eliminates stuffy fried oil odor around the house due to its in-built air filters

Bonus Benefit: HD9220/53also makes an ideal gift item. It is a wonderful (and thoughtful) gift to people you love and know, and whose wellbeing you care about.  

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Summary of Philips Viva HD9220/53 features & functionalities

  • Rapid Air Technology for delicious + healthy food: Use little or no oil at all. You can not only fry but also bake, roast and even grill! Plus it gives off a less stuffy smell of deep-fry oil.
  • Unique design for faster cooking results: HD9220/53 comes in a “Starfish” design at the bottom. This quickens the rapid heating of the air. The optimal heating profile allows you to make a variety of fried snacks & meals in no time.
  • All-in-one – fry, grill, roast and even bake A perfect multi-cooking kitchen appliance for making all types of food you and your loved ones love.
  • Time & temperature control – Manual & adjustable: Set timer up to 30 minutes. Fully manually adjustable temperature control to pre-set temperature up to 200 degrees. Auto-off function with “ready” sound alert.
  • Easy to clean + reduces stuffy deep-fried oil smell: It is easy to wash & clean (dishwasher-friendly). It is portable, too! Detachable nonstick cooking basket & coated drawer. In-built air filters to reduce smell in your kitchen.
  • Cook for family, friends & guests: It has a cooking capacity of 800 grams. Whether you stay alone, with your spouse or with your family, cook up delicious and healthy snacks & meals with Viva HD9220/53.
  • Free recipe booklet with 25 recipes: Get a free recipe booklet with every Philips Viva HD9220 air fryer.  It is created by culinary experts and contains 25 low-fat recipes that you can enjoy with this versatile kitchen appliance.


Are there any negatives about HD9220/53?

  • Tech-related: There is some amount of skepticism about frying with “hot air”.  And whether “air frying” or Rapid Air Technology is exactly what Philips claims it to be. The jury is out. You can cook with superheated air, and the technology works. Since this innovation is but just a scratch on the surface, one should expect more such “healthy” breakthroughs in the future.
  • Not 100% oil-free: While this air fryer requires no oil to cook in the case of baking, it, however, does need some oil to fry. The positive side of it is that you would not need much oil. Just a teaspoon or half is all it requires to fry.
  • No Digital Screen or Display: HD9220/53 comes with manual buttons to set time (up to 30 minutes) and temperature (up to 200 degrees Celsius). The fancy Digital Display (you would like this if you are into geeky features) only comes with top-end models like the HD9238/21. 
  • Confusion Due to Naming Nomenclature: Philips Viva Air Fryer Collection has product models titled as HD9220 (which incidentally is also marketed as HD9220/20), HD9220/53, HD9238/21, etc. It causes more than slight confusion.

NOTE: Want to know the differences between Philips air fryer models in detail, read this in-depth review & comparison. 

Where to buy Philips HD9220/53 Online?

If you are looking for a discount on the HD9220/53, then we recommend looking at top online marketplaces like Amazon India, Flipkart & Snapdeal. They run often run daily deals, and it is really a no brainer that you as a shopper should be taking advantage of those discounts.

Our Recommendation: Buy Philips Viva HD9220 on Amazon India. It is often now available there at a comparatively much lesser price.

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philips air fryer review india home

What can you cook with it?

With Philips HD9220/53 you can fry, bake, roast & grill all your favorite vegetarian and non-vegetarian snacks and meals.

philips airfryer review india 2philips airfryer review india 5philips airfryer review india 10philips airfryer review india 14aalu-samosabaked-potatochaklichana-daal-vadachicken wingschicken-koftachicken-tikkachoco-lava-cakefried-hot-prawns-with-cocktail-saucefried-pawnshomemade-friespaneer-shashlik
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Philips Viva HD9220/20 Air Fryer Review

Product Name: Philips Viva HD9220/20 Air Fryer
Brand: Philips
Colour: Black
Timer: 30 minutes
Power: 1425 watts
Weight: 7 kg
Capacity: 800 gm
Dimension: 287 x 315 x 384 mm
Warranty: 2 years
Cord Length: 0.8 m
Digital Display: None
Accessories: None
Free Gift: Recipe booklet
Maximum Retail Price: Rs.14,995
Online Offer Price: Rs. 8, 000 – 10, 000


Philips Viva HD9220/20 Air Fryer Review

Is Philips HD9220/20 the best budget buy among Philips air fryers? Get to know how it works, what benefits it provides, how much it costs, things you can make with it, and lastly where to order it online at the lowest price.

Philips HD9220 review india

HD9220 comes with Rapid Air Technology, time & temperature control, free recipe booklet plus much more.

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In this review, we will detail how Philips – the inventor of the “air fryer” – packs some serious (yet simple) hi-tech behind all its air fryers including this model. They call this new technology…

Rapid Air Technology

Philips says this patented technology cooks delicious and healthy fries with up to 80% less fat. It does so by replacing oil with highly heated air which rapidly circulates all around the ingredients and deep-fries them up.

Within minutes you get healthy fries that are crispy & crunchy on the outside without being hard on the inside. You can ensure perfect texture while cooking delicious & deep-fried snacks & meals with almost no oil.

Philips Viva HD9220/20 Review

HD9220/20 is sleek and minimalist in design. However, it isn’t just about aesthetics alone.

Its spec sheet reads great, too.

  • Weight: 7 Kg
  • Capacity: 800 grams
  • Warranty: 2 yrs
  • Cord length: 1 meter
  • Timer: 30 minutes
  • Colour: Black
  • Material: Plastic
  • Power: 1425 watts
  • Voltage: 220-240 volts
  • Dimensions: 287 x 315 x 384 mm

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Philips Viva HD9220/20 Features

Philips hd9220 air fryer reviews india 3Looks & specs apart, this multi-cooking kitchen device has several easy-to-use functionalities.

  • Manual thermostat adjust
  • Cool-touch grip + non-slip feet
  • Power-on light, integrated on/off switch
  • Parts can be easily cleaned in a dishwasher
  • Comes with in-built cord storage
  • Ready signal (alert), temperature light & automatic shut-off
  • Rapid Air technology + distinctive starfish bottom design for quicker air circulation 

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Philips Viva HD9220/20 Benefits

Having covered its form & functionality, now let’s move on to things that matter the most to buyers – benefits & value.

  • The best budget buy from the Viva collection
  • Easily grill, fry, roast & grill within minutes 
  • Fries your favorite recipes with little to no oil
  • Significantly reduces the time required for frying & cooking 


  • Cooks tasty and healthy dishes and delicacies 
  • Is easy to wash thanks to detachable parts which are also less time-consuming to clean in a dishwasher
  • It is a highly efficient and safe way to cook 
  • Large cooking capacity which is ideal when cooking for the entire family or when guests visit
  • Has in-built air filters which eliminate deep-fried oil smell in the kitchen & house

Bonus Benefit: It makes a perfect gift item, too. It would be a thoughtful present to people whose health you care about.   


Summary of Viva HD9220/20’s functionalities & features

  • Rapid Air Technology for easy & healthy cooking: Now fry, roast, grill & bake all those tasty snacks and meals with lesser fat than a traditional deep fryer. Use little to no oil. Reduce your fat intake.
  • Unique design for low-fat cooking results: “Starfish” design at the bottom fastens the superheating of the air. And optimal heating profile allows you to fry a variety of snacks & meals within minutes.
  • Fry, grill, roast and even bake with one appliance: A one-stop kitchen device for various forms of cooking. Perfect for cooking every type of food you and your family loves.
  • Manually adjustable time & temperature control: Integrated timer to pre-set cooking time up to 30 minutes. The fully manually adjustable temperature control to pre-set temperature up to 200 degrees. Auto-off function with “ready” sound alert.
  • Easy to clean & creates less smell than normal fryers: Easy to carry & clean. Removable nonstick coated drawer and cooking basket. In-built air filters to reduce the stuffy smell of fried oil in your kitchen & home.
  • Large cooking capacity for family, friends & guests: 800 grams cooking capacity. Whether you stay alone, with your spouse or with a large family, Viva HD9220 can cook up delicious, healthy & filling meals for everyone.
  • Free recipe booklet with 25 recipes: Philips Viva HD9220 air fryer comes with a free recipe book created by culinary experts so that you can “air fry” from the get-go. The book contains 25 low-fat fried recipes that you can serve up with this versatile kitchen appliance.

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Are there any negatives about HD9220/20?

  • Consumer Skepticism: Can I really fry with “air”? Does the technology work? While there is bound to be some skepticism given Philips’s tall claims – “air frying”, 80% fat-free & “cooks within minutes”, given the response & feedback Philips and its new way to cook deep-fried snacks have certainly won the trust & confidence of millions of consumers.
  • Isn’t Completely Oil-free: You can certainly roast, bake & grill without any oil. However, in order to fry, you would need a little amount of oil. Often for various recipes, just a teaspoon or half of the oil is all that is required.
  • Manual Adjustment: HD9220 has manually adjustable buttons that you need to use to set the time and temperature. It lacks the fancy & geeky Digital Display which is only available on models priced at a higher level.      
  • Model Name & Number Confusion: Viva HD9220 is also sold as HD9220/20, and then you have HD9220/53, next to the HD9238/21, and there’s a whole bunch of HD9XXX/XXs that haven’t been released in India yet. So you can see things can get pretty confusing.

NOTE: If you want to remove your confusion regarding different product models, we suggest you also read our in-depth review & comparison. 

Real HD9220/20 customer ratings & reviews

Ratings on Philips India website

Philips air fryer review

Ratings on Amazon India

amazon air fryer review

Ratings on Flipkart

flipkart air fryer review

Ratings on SnapDeal

snapdeal air fryer review

Where to buy Philips HD9220/20 Online?

Leading online marketplaces like Amazon India & Flipkart are the perfect places to look for it. They run almost daily promotions and ships across the country. Taking advantage of such discounts is really a no brainer as a shopper.

As the price keeps constantly fluctuating, we really recommend you check it out by visiting the product page. To make things a bit easier, below are the links to popular online marketplaces where they are being currently sold.

Try Amazon India first. You are more likely to find a better bargain there.

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Examples of food you can cook

Philips HD9220 fries, bakes, roasts & grills all your favorite veg & non-veg meals & snacks. It is a multi-cooking kitchen appliance that within minutes cooks delicious & healthy food.



philips airfryer review india 5

philips airfryer review india 10

philips airfryer review india 14

aalu-samosa baked-potato chakli chana-daal-vada chicken wings chicken-kofta chicken-tikka choco-lava-cake fried-hot-prawns-with-cocktail-sauce fried-pawns homemade-friespaneer-shashlik

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