6 Disadvantages of Philips air fryers

Here are some that you should be aware of before you go ahead and make a purchase.

1. They are ok taste & texture-wise

Philips air fryers are a healthy way to cook because it reduces the amount of oil you use while frying (just a little oil is usually enough). But the question that many have is – what about the taste of the food it cooks?

To be honest, there are varied opinions among consumers. Some find the fries at par with those made the conventional way while others feel the taste and texture don’t match with the “real thing”. Mostly the complaints are about fries being too dry.

Perhaps for better health one has to make a few compromises after all.

2. They are bulky

As a kitchen appliance, people often talk about how bulky they are and that they tend to take up surface space in your kitchen. So if you have a small kitchen space with less surface space, you might have to opt-out or find a way to make some space.

Plus it makes noise too which though isn’t loud could annoy people who like it quiet.

3. They are expensive

This is a big disadvantage of Philips air fryers especially in India where consumers tend to be price sensitive.

When compare to other brands, they range from slightly expensive to significantly expensive. Even the basic air fryer from Philips is more expensive than the top fryers from other brands.

However, Philips is the inventor of air fryers and as such their technology, design, quality and service command a premium. In fact, they are the bestselling and most trusted air fryer brand worldwide.

4. They are too many of them

Give me choices, and I get confused particularly if all of those are named and numbered similarly.

It is a headache to have to go through each of them and diligently review and compare their specs, features, benefits, etc. It takes too much time.

Most of the fryers from their product lines and categories are quite similar with very minor differences in design, size, power, and functions.

5. They are not ideal if you have frequent power cuts

Since they use electricity to function, Philips air fryers might not be your ideal kitchen gadget if you happen to live in an area with constant & frequent power cuts.

The power cut is a real thing that we have to live with. Be it in the cities or in the countryside. And if you have no power most of the time you will have no use of the fryer. However, if you have invertors and power back-ups then it shouldn’t be much of a problem.

6. They are not a replacement for ovens

Although air fryers are multi-functional in the sense that you can fry, bake, roast & grill with them, they are, however, not a real replacement for your current oven.

You can certainly replace electric deep-oil fryers with them. And you might not even have to use traditional pots and pans to deep fry in oil again. But it will not be the case with a microwave oven.

Philips Air fryers are handy for quickly preparing popular fried snacks and items only.

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