Pigeon Air Fryer vs. Philips Air Fryers


Before we go into the similarities & differences between Pigeon air fryers and Philips air fryers, let’s take a brief look at the companies behind them.


Founded in the year 1891, the Netherlands-based electronics giant has been a pioneer by introducing a host of innovation over the decades. The air fryer is another invention by Philips. The technology behind it is called Rapid Air Technology that quickly heats air and circulates it in order to cook food.


Pigeon is a brand by Stovekraft, one of the oldest & largest private kitchen appliances companies in India. Based in Karnataka, it has a turnover of around 650 crores.

Pigeon air fryers vs. Philips air fryers

Pigeon has two air fryer products;

  1. AF Super 2.2 litres
  2. AF Super 3.2 litres

While Philips has a total of 4 air fryers but for this review, we will be looking at two of its budget offerings that compete with Pigeon air fryers.

  1. Viva HD9220/20
  2. Viva HD9220/53

Pigeon vs. Philips air fryers: Product similarities

One of the key similarities in the technology behind both these air fryer brands. Philips invented the technology and call it Rapid Air Technology while Pigeon calls it Air Distribution Technology.

It enables air to be heated quickly and then it circulates the superheated air around ingredients to cook within minutes with very little oil.

With both these brands, you can fry, bake, roast & grill any food you want.

In terms of cooking capacity, the Pigeon AF Super 2.2 litres is similar to Philips HD9220/20 which also has a cooking capacity of 2.2 litres.

Other similarities include;

  1. Manual timer control
  2. Manual temperature control
  3. Auto-switch off
  4. Dishwasher safe & friendly
  5. The cool grip on handles
  6. 2-year manufacturer warranty

Pigeon vs. Philips air fryers: Product differences 

Power consumption

The Pigeon AF Super 2.2L consumes around 1350 watts while Pigeon Super 3.2L Air Fryer consumes around 1500W.

In comparison, both Philips HD9220/20 & HD9220/53 consumes around 1425 watts.

Cooking capacity

Although Pigeon AF Super 2.2 litres &  Philips HD9220/20 has the same cooking capacity of 2 litres, Philips HD9220/53 comes with a capacity of only 800 grams.

In contrast Pigeon, AF Super 3.2L has a large cooking capacity compared to both of these Philips air fryers.

Philips has other air fryers with a bigger cooking capacity too. However, they are quite expensive compared to Pigeon air fryers.


Pigeon AF-Super 2.2L weighs 5 kg while AF Super 3.2L weigh 6 kgs. On the other hand, Philips HD9220/20 & HD 9220/53 weighs 7 kgs.


All Philips air fryers come with a unique Starfish design at the bottom. According to Philips, this patented design allows air to heat very fast and also spreads out the circulated air evenly across the ingredients.

Such a patented design is lacking in not just Pigeon air fryers but also in other air fryer brands.

Cord storage

All Philips air fryers come with storage for cord which is really handy.

Non-slip feet

All Philips air fryer also comes with non-slip feet. This prevents the air fryers from slip on your kitchen counter.

Free recipe booklet

Philips air fryers also provide a recipe booklet that includes 25 different air fryer recipes that you can immediately start cooking.


Both the Pigeon air fryers come in black colour which is also true for Philips HD 9220/20. However, the HD9220/53 comes with a white body and silver handle.


Price is definitely the biggest difference between Pigeon and Philips air fryers.

Please see the next section for their prices.

Pigeon vs. Philips air fryers: Price comparison 

Pigeon AF Super 2.2L’s MRP is Rs. 4, 495 and you can get it at a discounted price of around Rs. 4, 100.

Pigeon AF Super 3.2L’s MRP is Rs. 5, 099 and you could get it at a discounted price of around Rs. 4, 700.

Philips HD9220/20 comes at an MRP of Rs. 14, 995 and you could get it at a discounted price of around Rs. 9, 000.

Philips HD9220/53 comes at an MRP of Rs. 15, 995 and you could get it at a discounted price of around Rs. 9, 600.

Pigeon vs. Philips air fryer: Consumer ratings 

Pigeon AF Super 2.2L  ratings on Amazon 

pigeon af super 2.2l air fryer amazon review

Pigeon AF Super 3.2L  ratings on Amazon 

pigeon af super 3.2l air fryer amazon review

Philips HD9220/20 ratings on Amazon 

philips hd9220 air fryer amazon review

Philips HD9220/53 ratings on Amazon 

Philips HD9220/53 air fryer Amazon review

Where to buy Pigeon or Philips air fryers? 

Although you can buy these air fryers from offline stores, our recommendations would be to buy it online as you are more likely to get a good discount.

When it comes to buying Pigeon or Philips air fryers online, we recommend Amazon India.

That is because you are most likely to get a nice bargain on Amazon plus you will get it delivered to you faster too.

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